Nothing is lost in the subconscious mind

Have you ever driven yourself crazy trying to find something you’ve misplaced?

Earlier this year “Mary” came to me to see if I could help her remember the name and address of a Notary she had gone to in 1995. She didn’t even know what city it was in.  

At the time her business partner tried to force her to sign some papers in front of the notary. The notary refused to validate the signature because of the coercion. Her partner took her to another notary and coerced her to sign the papers. Now she wanted to invalidate the agreement by contacting the first notary and having her testify in court that “Mary” had signed the papers under duress.
I took her into a deep state of hypnosis and regressed her to the morning of the meeting. She had been a passenger in the car her partner was driving. As she envisioned the drive I had her notice the freeway interchanges and any highway signs she might have noticed. She knew exactly which freeway they were on with each transition. As they began to exit the freeway I asked what she noticed. She said “What is La Crescenta, I see it on a sign?” I told her that it was the name of a city. It was also the name of the street onto which they were exiting. She remembered getting off the freeway, turning left, going two blocks, turning right, and seeing a brown two story building. She never noticed the street sign but knew exactly what the building looked like and where it was positioned relative to parking lots and landscaping. She remembered going up to the second floor and walking into the office. She knew exactly where to go to find it and was able to describe the woman in detail.
She found the Notary she was looking for. I hope she wins her case.
You might be able to find that lost book or piece of jewelry you know you had just a few days ago. Before going to bed at night ask your subconscious mind to reveal a clue to you in your dreams or fist thing when you wake up in the morning. My friend used to say “It is sitting there laughing at you”. It always has been and the inspiration of realizing  the right place to look has always come.
What is the most important thing you have ever lost? And how did you find it again?
Lynda Malerstein

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3 Responses to “Nothing is lost in the subconscious mind”

  1. dice Says:

    ok I have a question that wouldn’t fit in any of your blog subjects so I am putting it in the first one I saw.
    I read in a book on hypnosis that a hypnotist can transport a person’s mind several years into the future by telling them that they are several years older(like the person is 17 the hypnotist tells them under hypnosis that they are 25) and then the person under hypnosis tells of future events such as when/if they were married. Ever since then I’ve wondered if it was possible to use self hypnosis to make yourself get constant updates concerning the future?
    and if so can the future be changed, like say that you plan on going to the mall or something and your subconcious says you will meet a high up business man and he will offer you a really good job that pays alot of money. Now say for some strange reason you change your mind and not go to the mall would you still meet the business man just say later in the day but at the same place in the same mall? would this all be possible?P.S.don’t email me your answer I’ll come back and check the blogs to see it.

  2. lyndacan Says:

    What you are referring to is “future pacing” where we bring the client into a deep state of hypnosis and have them imagine themselves behaving and feeling in positive ways according to their desires. The subconscious mind begins to accept as true that which it experiences over a period of time. You can’t use that power to manipulate the actions of others. Often, in hypnosis, the intuition becomes much stronger and sometimes people can sense something that will happen to them, like being married, having 2 children or being very successful in a certain business. But you can’t program exactly how that’s going to happen. If you want a great new job, and you have the skills for that job, you can imagine yourself working at that job and being very happy and then, look for signs from the Universe as to how those opportunities will be presented to you. What you have to do is keep your eyes open and follow up those opportunities when they come.

    Good luck. I hope this answered your question.

  3. dice Says: