Are you dating yourself?

In order to nurture the creative spark within, Julia Cameron suggests in her book “The Artist’s Way; A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”, that you spend two hours a week going on an “artist date” with yourself. That means you make a commitment to find a place where you can go alone and browse, wander, dream, think, and experience. For some people this might be going to a bead shop or a car museum or a fabric store. For others a poetry reading, a museum or a design showroom. What might that be for you? 


For me, it was cultural experiences. I did her 12 week program and had a blast doing things alone that I might never had tried if it had not been a homework assignment.  I visited the largest Buddhist Temple in the United States, The Roy Rogers Museum, and took in several plays and ballets all by myself.  I was surprised to find that even alone I was a hot date! 


Taking yourself out for a date might be the most enjoyable time you’ve had in years. You don’t have to be at the mercy of anyone else’s schedule and you will be with someone you will really want to get to know better. 


Have fun!


Lynda Malerstein

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2 Responses to “Are you dating yourself?”

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  2. lyndacan Says:

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