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This was not what I expected for Xmas!

Hypnotherapy LAIt was the evening of December 23. I was blissfully going about my business when I heard a knock on the door.Standing there was Bob, my boyfriend of 4 months and the one I was sure was going to be my partner forever. He said “I came to pick up my things, I’m getting married to someone else.”   What???

I stood there paralyzed. There had been no warning. I thought everything was moving along wonderfully.  But even if I had noticed signs of trouble, this rejection and loss would have been stunning.  And two days before Christmas; a time when all you hear is love and family and giving your wife a diamond necklace to remind her how much you adore her!!!

I mechanically handed him the few belongings he had left at my house and shut the door behind him. I was devastated. How was I going to make it through Christmas?

Fortunately, one of the friends I called for support invited me to join her and a group that was singing carols at a nearby hospital on Christmas morning.  It was the first time I had ever done anything like that, and it became a significant, memorable event in my life.

Sharing yourself when you are feeling down is the best cure for the doldrums.  The hospital patients sang with us if they were able; or listened to us when they were too sick to move. Some wanted to talk with us about loved ones to feel as if they were bringing them near. They showered us with hugs, thanks, stories and blessings.  It lifted me out of the depths of my despair and helped me put things into perspective.  Of course, in the weeks ahead I grieved the end of that relationship and the insensitive way it had ended. But I had a wonderful Christmas Day and a lesson in the power and the gift of giving.  It had, in fact, been a gift to me.

There are so many who need what you have to share, even if it is only a stranger who needs your smile. There are shelters and churches and missions who are doing outreach for the holidays. There are people in nursing homes who have no family to visit them.  Make a few phone calls and find a way to share the gift of yourself. You are valuable.

AnchorMy Holiday Wish For You:

May this be a season of peace for you, for those you care about and for our dear Planet.

May you feel the love that surrounds you whether from your family of birth, your family of choice, your community or those for whom your smile makes a difference.

May you know that your being here makes the world a brighter place.

May the coming year bring you health, prosperity, joy and freedom.

AnchorHere’s a link to a lovely blog about gifts you can give to children that they will never forget.

Warmest Season’s Greetings

Lynda Malerstein


By Lynda Malerstein