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This was not what I expected for Xmas!

Hypnotherapy LAIt was the evening of December 23. I was blissfully going about my business when I heard a knock on the door.Standing there was Bob, my boyfriend of 4 months and the one I was sure was going to be my partner forever. He said “I came to pick up my things, I’m getting married to someone else.”   What???

I stood there paralyzed. There had been no warning. I thought everything was moving along wonderfully.  But even if I had noticed signs of trouble, this rejection and loss would have been stunning.  And two days before Christmas; a time when all you hear is love and family and giving your wife a diamond necklace to remind her how much you adore her!!!

I mechanically handed him the few belongings he had left at my house and shut the door behind him. I was devastated. How was I going to make it through Christmas?

Fortunately, one of the friends I called for support invited me to join her and a group that was singing carols at a nearby hospital on Christmas morning.  It was the first time I had ever done anything like that, and it became a significant, memorable event in my life.

Sharing yourself when you are feeling down is the best cure for the doldrums.  The hospital patients sang with us if they were able; or listened to us when they were too sick to move. Some wanted to talk with us about loved ones to feel as if they were bringing them near. They showered us with hugs, thanks, stories and blessings.  It lifted me out of the depths of my despair and helped me put things into perspective.  Of course, in the weeks ahead I grieved the end of that relationship and the insensitive way it had ended. But I had a wonderful Christmas Day and a lesson in the power and the gift of giving.  It had, in fact, been a gift to me.

There are so many who need what you have to share, even if it is only a stranger who needs your smile. There are shelters and churches and missions who are doing outreach for the holidays. There are people in nursing homes who have no family to visit them.  Make a few phone calls and find a way to share the gift of yourself. You are valuable.

AnchorMy Holiday Wish For You:

May this be a season of peace for you, for those you care about and for our dear Planet.

May you feel the love that surrounds you whether from your family of birth, your family of choice, your community or those for whom your smile makes a difference.

May you know that your being here makes the world a brighter place.

May the coming year bring you health, prosperity, joy and freedom.

AnchorHere’s a link to a lovely blog about gifts you can give to children that they will never forget.

Warmest Season’s Greetings

Lynda Malerstein


By Lynda Malerstein

Nothing is lost in the subconscious mind

Have you ever driven yourself crazy trying to find something you’ve misplaced?

Earlier this year “Mary” came to me to see if I could help her remember the name and address of a Notary she had gone to in 1995. She didn’t even know what city it was in.  

At the time her business partner tried to force her to sign some papers in front of the notary. The notary refused to validate the signature because of the coercion. Her partner took her to another notary and coerced her to sign the papers. Now she wanted to invalidate the agreement by contacting the first notary and having her testify in court that “Mary” had signed the papers under duress.
I took her into a deep state of hypnosis and regressed her to the morning of the meeting. She had been a passenger in the car her partner was driving. As she envisioned the drive I had her notice the freeway interchanges and any highway signs she might have noticed. She knew exactly which freeway they were on with each transition. As they began to exit the freeway I asked what she noticed. She said “What is La Crescenta, I see it on a sign?” I told her that it was the name of a city. It was also the name of the street onto which they were exiting. She remembered getting off the freeway, turning left, going two blocks, turning right, and seeing a brown two story building. She never noticed the street sign but knew exactly what the building looked like and where it was positioned relative to parking lots and landscaping. She remembered going up to the second floor and walking into the office. She knew exactly where to go to find it and was able to describe the woman in detail.
She found the Notary she was looking for. I hope she wins her case.
You might be able to find that lost book or piece of jewelry you know you had just a few days ago. Before going to bed at night ask your subconscious mind to reveal a clue to you in your dreams or fist thing when you wake up in the morning. My friend used to say “It is sitting there laughing at you”. It always has been and the inspiration of realizing  the right place to look has always come.
What is the most important thing you have ever lost? And how did you find it again?
Lynda Malerstein

Stopping smoking doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt

I’ve seen an article circulating on Twitter warning people about the horrible withdrawal symptoms they will get when they quit smoking. Aside from giving negative hypnotic suggestions which may create a self-fulfilling prophecy, in my experience this is JUST NOT TRUE.  I’ve helped 2 pack-a-day smokers quit and they had no physical withdrawal symptoms the next day or the next week.  They almost all report they slept better the night after our hypnosis session than they have in years. 


If nicotine were truly addictive, people would be craving a fix every four hours or so and waking up in the middle of the night to smoke.  The true cause of the “addiction” is the habitual daily use of tobacco to distract from uncomfortable feelings or situations.  This goes on frequently throughout the day so it is viewed as an “addiction more difficult to break than heroine.”


 A well trained, competent hypnotist can help you find the causes of the smoking habit, not just treat the behavior.  By getting to the source of the problem you can become a calm, comfortable non-smoker who feels more peaceful in all areas of your life.  


What’s your addiction? Food? Work? Shopping? Not speaking up for yourself? The answers to your freedom lie in your subconsious mind.


If you are near Los Angeles, you can contact me at and I will help you.


I wish you health,


Lynda Malerstein

Feel the Freedom of Letting Go!

Are you dating yourself?

In order to nurture the creative spark within, Julia Cameron suggests in her book “The Artist’s Way; A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”, that you spend two hours a week going on an “artist date” with yourself. That means you make a commitment to find a place where you can go alone and browse, wander, dream, think, and experience. For some people this might be going to a bead shop or a car museum or a fabric store. For others a poetry reading, a museum or a design showroom. What might that be for you? 


For me, it was cultural experiences. I did her 12 week program and had a blast doing things alone that I might never had tried if it had not been a homework assignment.  I visited the largest Buddhist Temple in the United States, The Roy Rogers Museum, and took in several plays and ballets all by myself.  I was surprised to find that even alone I was a hot date! 


Taking yourself out for a date might be the most enjoyable time you’ve had in years. You don’t have to be at the mercy of anyone else’s schedule and you will be with someone you will really want to get to know better. 


Have fun!


Lynda Malerstein