Using Hypnosis To Change One Life At A Time

By Cristian Vasquez
From the Culver City News | Sat, Jun 28 2014

From anxieties and phobias to sleeping and fertility problems, Lynda Malerstein, BHC, CHT has been helping people from all walks of life overcome internal struggles through her hypnosis expertise.

Despite the successful careers she enjoyed as a corporate recruiter and a professional entertainer for children, Malerstein struggled with problems that she was unable to resolve by traditional means. So in the quest to find her own power, and in order to heal deep physical and emotional wounds, she discovered hypnosis. “The healing that hypnosis brought me, led me to study it full-time,” Malerstein said. “After the first class, I knew it was my life’s purpose to become a certified hypnotist hypnotherapist and to help others achieve the same success.”

Malerstein, who works out of her office in West Los Angeles, explains that hypnosis means focused attention and the bypass of the analytical part of a person’s brain. Some  descriptions of hypnosis have included the openness to positive suggestions, but she mentions that there is a bit of a gatekeeper between the conscious, which is the analytical thinking mind and subconscious, which is the feeling, intuitive and imaginative mind.

“People have a perception of what hypnosis is and it is based on what they see in the media. It is not exactly like that and the type of hypnosis that I practice is even different from what other people might have experienced,” Malerstein said. “It means focused attention-so focused that you bypass the analytical part of your mind (the analytical part, what we call the conscious mind, is where we spend most of our waking hours). When you are in that focused state the subconscious mind will receive information as well as release information that wouldn’t be possible in a conscious mind state.”

Through hypnosis Malerstein has been able to help people overcome lifetime problems such as depression, teeth grinding, obesity, fear of flying. In other cases she has assisted people in building confidence in order to have more fulfilling professional and romantic lives.

“When someone gets to a point of ‘experiencing this is greater than my fear of letting someone know that I have this,’ that is when they call me. Otherwise people will not call me; it takes courage,” Malerstein said. “The hypnotist and the subject have to be in agreement in order for the subject to enter a state of hypnosis. You can’t be hypnotized to do anything you don’t want to do. You are in control at all times.

“My goal is to help people find their own power and the truth is that the pain of living with these anxieties is a life-long struggle,” Malerstein said. “The momentary pain of confronting these things and then releasing them is so that you have peace, so that you have calm and comfort.”

To learn more about Lynda Malerstein, persons interested can visit or call (310) 228-3160 for complimentary telephone consultation. Malerstein is certified in her field of expertise and upholds the high standards set forth by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

By Lynda Malerstein

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